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Sustainable Life

Renewable Energy

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you’re welcome.. is the official web site of Dr. Bilsay Pastakkaya. It is not only a web site for sharing scientific studies or personal information of Dr. Pastakkaya but also a web site that aims to create an authentic synergy and an unique awareness by organising a platform sharing information/experiences for the most important issues of today and the future:  “Sustainable Life” and the “Renewable Energy. is a non-profit web site. The one and only purpose of this platform is to make a modest contribution to the actions/ideas on the behalf of sake and peace of the humanity, all living creatures and all cosmos.

From this point of view, your opinions  and suggestions are important for us. Please get in touch  to join this synergy and to share your opinions.

Thanks for your interest, and your contributions..

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CURRENT is online now.. is online now..

After a long preparation period, is online  on internet since 23.12.19 

Unfinished contents will be completed and online soon. Thanks in advance for your interest and your opinions is online now..

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